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Use additional post-functions to perform such tasks as copying a value from a custom field, cloning, assigning tickets based on a certain condition, and more:

Workflow Functions 

Workflow functionDescriptionParameters

Issue Clone Post Function

Clones the issue

Assign to Workflow Step Actor Post Function

Assigns a ticket to the user that performed a previous workflow step. See example below.

Assign From Field

Assigns a ticket to the user from the custom field. The custom field can be user, project (to assign to project lead) or text.

Configuration: You need to specify the custom field from which user should be taken.

Set Original Estimation

Copies the value from a custom field to the original estimation.


You need to specify

  • Custom field from which the value for the estimation will be taken. 
  • Time – by default the value is in minutes, and you can also define that number value in hours. If the value is in a logging work format (eg. 3w 4d 12h) then this value will be taken.

Example - Assigning a ticket to the user who performed the previous workflow step

In our example, the ticket was originally assigned to the Tester 2 user. Then the assignee was changed to admin. We are going to add a post-function that will assign a ticket back to Tester 2 on a ticket transition.

  1. Go to Jira Administration > Issues > Workflows.
  2. Click Edit for a project where you want to add post-function.

  3. Select Diagram view

  4. Select the transition where you want to add a post-function, the configuration panel appears. 
  5. Select the Post Functions tab and click Add post function.

  6. Select the Assign to Workflow Step Actor Post-Function option and click Add

  7. In the post-function parameters, select the destination status for a ticket and click Add.

  8. To save changes, click Publish Draft.
  9. In the dialog that appears, select whether you'd like to backup project copy and then click Publish.

  10. That's it. (smile) Now, while making a transition the ticket will be assigned from admin to Tester 2
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