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When you use Issue History Collector (cloud), you can see a ticket duration on the Total Time in Status panel. This is a configurable metrics for you to track how long your tickets sit in the specific statuses. For example, you have "Triage", "Fixing", and "Closed" statuses for your support team. You can opt to track how long your tickets are sitting in triage or select the first two statuses to track combined time that a ticket is being worked on until it's closed. The Total Time In Status field is counting how long the ticket was in the selected statuses and displays this aggregated value.

You can also set the SLAs for your teams, and if the SLA is breached, the duration in the Total Time in Status glance (section) will turn red to indicate that a more urgent action might be needed.

Personalize your panel view

New Jira display hides information in the sections (glances) on the right side of the ticket, so you'd need to click on it to see Total Time in Status. To avoid extra click, you can personalize your ticket view and configure your ticket views to display information right away. Here's how.

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