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Cprime Apps has been rebranded as Anova Apps. Please note the only effect is the company name - all of our products’ names, logos, functionalities, support, etc. is exactly the same. The new location to our documentation space is

This section provides information on how to configure Surveys for Jira cloud:

Sending emails

Sending emails works in a different way in Jira cloud than on Jira server / Data Center. In Jira cloud you do not need to set up any SMTP server, as our own mail server will be used for that.

Note that due to the nature of Jira cloud you will not be able to modify the email address from which the survey emails are sent but we tried to make it as generic and universal as possible so that it's convenient for you.

Access to user emails

The only thing you might need to check is whether users in your Jira accepted that their email addresses can be used. Due to privacy considerations, using someone's email cannot be forced onto a person, so without the person's consent no emails will be sent even if a ticket matches the trigger conditions for a survey to be sent. You can check Jira cloud documentation for more details on this.

These are all considerations. In the future we plan to add more configuration options for the app and we'll capture the changes here. If you have an idea or a feature request - we'd love to hear from you at

What's next?

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