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Surveys for Service Desk

Service Desk surveys enable support agents to send, aggregate and analyze survey data, based on the quality of the support received by customers. Upon the resolution of a customer support ticket, surveys are sent via email, for customers to rate the support they received and answer custom questions that you define.


 Visibility into customer satisfaction with support

See what you customers think of your support team's quality with a one click survey that sends via email. This is a helpful tool for assessing performance and improving your support team's quality

 Custom email templates for survey responses

Use custom templates to build a survey or embed within support agent’s email signature, per each unique project

 Find the projects with low customer satisfaction

Reporting features for surveys create the visibility to find lowest and highest performing projects and other supportive metrics

 Customization capabilities

Surveys can be customized and leveraged on a project to project basis. You can also utilize filters to see information by reporter or assignee.


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