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Allows you to import a field value from an external database into a database custom field.

The value is selected by the user from the set of results (as a select list or autocomplete box) retrieved by executing a query on the database.

The plugin provides an administration page where the queries can be associated to these fields.

Any type of query can be executed, but the results will be displayed in JIRA only for a select statement.

Allows database fields to be used in dashboard widgets (as statistics)

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  1. Anonymous


    I am trying to use this to connect to an access database and it isn't working I need to restart JIRA so that it will know the changes I have made to CONTEXT.XML??


    1. Yes, like any other modification in context.xml, Tomcat server needs to be restarted.

  2. Anonymous


    we're using this plugin and it's working really well at the moment of creating or updating a "database information" field. However, when using this same field to search we're really missing that the custom field doesn't show all possible values in a dropdown list style. 

    This makes it impossible to quickly search for specific values. Especially if the database list provides with lots of options.

    Is this something that will be resolved?



    1. Yes, it will be resolved at some point. There's a tremendous amount of work to do that (and to maintain it!) and this is why we avoided it so far. But we plan, alongside this plugin, which will remain forever free, a "pro" version of it.

      1. Anonymous


        Is this still a considered option?



        1. Yes, it is. We planned it for the mid-2014

  3. Anonymous

    Is this plug-in will support multi select custom field type?

    1. Unknown User (aiacob)

      Yes, you can define database information fields of type select list with multiple values from configuration:

      You can also use the standard JIRA multi select custom field type as a dynamic parameter in the query, if this is what you are asking:

  4. Anonymous

    We have around 8000 values in our DB table and also its a multi-select option. As expected JIRA is too slow while opening the create page (we have DB custom field on create screen). Could you please suggest any other alternate method is there to make JIRA fast with same configurations?

    1. As I explained, we planned for mid-2014 a retrofitted version of DBCF; that will be able to handle a very large number of data rows. We didn't expect DBCF will be used to show thousands of records, but we'll correct that.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Team,

    We have a requirement where we have multiple checkboxes options (around 300), we need a custom searcher within this field as well (as there are so many values).

    Is this possible with database custom field?

    Thanks and Regards,


    1. Unknown User (aiacob)

      At the moment database custom field only displays multiple values as select list or autocomplete input (labels like), so we do not provide support for multiple check-boxes.