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After you complete the steps from the Configuring Power Database Fields PRO™ page, configure the data table custom field following the steps below. You do that on the following pages:

Database General Configuration

  1. Log into your Jira as Admin.
  2. Go to Administration > Add-ons > DataTable Custom Field configuration page.
  3. Configure the parameters on this page.
    1. Thread Local Caching
      If you are not fully aware of what this implies, we recommend that you leave the option as "false".
      Because multiple calls to get the value of a SIL Script Custom Field for a certain issue are inevitable, we implemented an option to generate the value only once per HTTP request. This improves performance, but might have certain side effects. For example, if the value is generated before certain other values that it depends on are modified, the result might not reflect latest updates.
    2. Custom Field
      Here you select the necessary custom field of the Data Table Information type, see example below.

Datatable Custom Field configuration page

After you complete steps on the general configuration page, perform the Datatable configuration.

  1. Data Source – select data source, SIL™ or database.
    1. If you selected "Database" for the Data Source field, additional parameters become available to be configured, for more details see Configuration page.
      • JNDI name
      • SQL Query
    2. If you selected "SIL" for the Data Source field, type a script  in the SIL Script editor.
      Before saving the script, make sure the syntax is correct. You do that using the Check button. You can also check the log files if needed.

      For more examples of SIL scripts, see the Power Scripts for Jira documentation.

  2. Click Save.

See also

Data Source Configuration

What's next

After you configure the data tables, see User Guide for details on how to use database custom fields.

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