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This routine is available starting with Power Scripts 4.5.7 (server).




Retrieves a structure containing information about a link that has been created or deleted.

Return value

A JIssueLink value containing link data.


JIssueLink link = getIssueLinkFromEvent();
logPrint("INFO", "Link ID: " +;
logPrint("INFO", "Link Name: " +;
logPrint("INFO", "Link Direction: " + link.direction);
logPrint("INFO", "Link Description: " + link.description);
logPrint("INFO", "Link Issue: " + link.issue);
logPrint("INFO", "Link Source: " + key);
Link ID: 10001
Link Name: Cloners
Link Direction: 1
Link Description: clones
Link Issue: SIL-123
Link Source: SIL-456

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