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This routine is available starting with Power Scripts™ v3.0.2 (server) and above.

Supported Custom Fields

Please note that this routine can only be used with: Select List (single choice), Select List (multiple choices), Checkboxes, Radiobuttons custom fields. If you wish to use this kind of functionality with Select List (cascading), consider using a custom cascading select field found in this tutorial: Create custom cascading select field.


lfAllowSelectOptions(field, options[, triggerChange])


Restricts a field's selectable values to the list of options given as a parameter of the routine.


fieldstringYesField to restrict options for


YesList of remaining options
triggerChangeBooleanNoIf set to "true", it triggers the change event on the field when a routine is used

Example - restricting users to select certain values in the field options

lfAllowSelectOptions("priority", {"Medium", "High"}); 
//where field = "priority" and options = "Medium" and "High"

If you want to trigger the change event on the field when using the lfAllowSelectOptions routine, you can use the optional triggerChange parameter set to true:

lfAllowSelectOptions("customfield_10000", {"option1", "option2"}, true); 
//where field = "customfield_10000" of type select list, options = "option1" and "option2" and triggerChange = true

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