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This routine is available starting with 

  • Power Scripts 2.5 (server)
  • SIL Engine (former katl-commons) 2.5




Gives you the possibility to run your own javascript code.This routine gives you virtually unlimited power on Jira UI. However, note that this might not be portable across Jira versions.


jsFilePathStringYesThe script source to run that contains your javascript code. The file is resolved relative to silprograms path.


For this example we will first create a file with the following javascript code and save it on the disk as hook.js.

AJS.$('#summary-val').get(0).childNodes[0].nodeValue = "Executing my javascript";

 Now we call the lfExecuteJS routine like in the code block below:

lfExecuteJS("hook.js"); // jsFilePath = "hook.js"

For the jsFilePath parameter you can either give the relative path (as in the example above) or the absolute path.

When this routine is called, the javascript code from hook.js is executed. This will set the summary value on the issue page and will hide the description.


The file designated by the jsFilePath parameter must contain only JavaScript code. Note that this code will be inlined, so do not use single line comments!

var v = "a";
// let's show an alert

The above script will be evaluated to

var v = "a"; // let's show an alert alert(v);

So the alert() will never be called.

/* Disable Edit Issue button */
AJS.$('#edit-issue').get(0).setAttribute("style", "pointer-events: none; opacity: 0.5;");

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