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This routine is available starting with 

  1. Power Scripts 2.5.12 / 2.6.7 (server)
  2. SIL Engine (former katl-commons) 2.5.16 / 2.6.8




Hides the specified tab.

This routine only handles the field tab and tabs defined by the user. If you want to hide the tabs from the Activity panel, see lfHide routine.

Hiding fields and security

Hiding fields is not a security solution, the field is present in HTML and can still be inspected via a Show page source option.

We recommend that you use this routine only for the cases when you want to add certain logic on the screen only.


fieldStringYesSpecifies the tab to hide.


If the assignee is not admin, hide the Field Tab from the issue.

 if(assignee != "admin") {
     lfHideTab("Field Tab");

Now that the field is hidden, you can use lfShowTab to display it on the issue screen.

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