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Cprime Apps has been rebranded as Anova Apps. Please note the only effect is the company name - all of our products’ names, logos, functionalities, support, etc. is exactly the same. The new location to our documentation space is

Power Actions for Jira is an app providing custom made actions and wizards to be performed in the view screen of the issue.

The app extends the actions available for Jira issues with custom actions created using Simple Issue Language (SIL®), the same language used in our other power portfolio apps like Power Scripts™ for JiraPower Custom Fields®.

In the context of this app, an action has the same activation structure as a workflow transition and can be performed regardless of the issue status as long as the action condition is met.

In short, the app defines:

  • A custom field presented as a set of buttons
  • Each button is associated with an action
  • An action has 3 elements
    • condition script – the rule that enables, disables, or hides the button
    • optional screen
    • action script that describes both the validation of the screen and the actions to be performed
  • All action elements (condition, action script, and screen) are described using SIL.

Power Actions® app requires minutes to create a custom action. Do you know a faster way?

The old documentation (for version 3.0) can be downloaded here.

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