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The Blitz Actions plugin introduces custom made actions to be performed in the view screen of the issue.

The plugin extends the actions available for JIRA issues with custom actions created using Simple Issue Language (SIL) - the same language used in such plugins as Power Scripts for JIRA  (formerly known as JJUPIN), KCFKCF PRO.

A blitz action has same activation structure as a (workflow) transition and can be performed regardless the status of the issue, provided that the condition of the action is fulfilled.

In short, the plugin defines:

  • A custom field presented as a set of buttons
  • Each button is associated with an action
  • An action has 3 elements
    • a condition script, that is the rule that enables, disables or hides the button
    • an optional screen
    • an action script, that describes both the validation of the screen and the actions to be performed
  • All action elements (condition, action script and screen) are described using SIL.

Blitz Actions plugin requires minutes to create a custom action. Do you know a faster way?

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