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Cprime Apps has been rebranded as Anova Apps. Please note the only effect is the company name - all of our products’ names, logos, functionalities, support, etc. is exactly the same. The new location to our documentation space is


The app enables you to perform Excel Reporting™  at its finest so you can extract and process data by using the Simple Issue Language™ (SIL™ ), leverage statistics and graphs with the help of ready-to-use Excel templates.

Common use cases

  • Predefined templates for the most usual reports; you may adapt the existing templates to fit your needs
  • The reports may be shared individually to the right audience (roles and groups)
  • You decide what you want to export avoiding unwanted data exposure, on the top of Jira permissions and issue security rule
  • As SIL™  can access Jira data, external databases, files on the server or connect to external systems, you may use SER™  for hybrid data reporting, feature not available elsewhere on the Atlassian ecosystem
  • The templates provided can be used for Time Tracking, SLA Analysis, Project Status, Bottleneck detection, User Overload and even for data export to Data Warehouse systems

The old documentation (for version 3.0) can be downloaded from here .

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