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Script Management and Usages

Our suite of apps would be incomplete without tools that allow script management and easy editing of those scripts. Therefore, the SIL Manager is included in the common portion of our apps, as well as the tool that presents custom fields usages, and the redirect tool.

Tools and Utilities summary

  • SIL® ManagerThe SIL® editor is the central point where you develop your scripts. It offers basic text editing: syntax highlighting, autocomplete, a source file management across all defined trees, the possibility to run a script and to view the log of the instance. For all scripts that reside in the virtual directories, this tool offers the power of SIL® at your crafty fingertips.
  • KRedi - The Redirect AssistantWhen integrating Jira with other external systems, it often happens that we need to provide access from those systems directly to Jira, while not being fully aware of the contents of the Jira instance. For this purpose, we designed KRedi, The Redirect Assistant.
  • Custom Field UsageA handy tool to find out where a given custom field is used.

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