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This routine is available starting with SIL Engine™ 2.5.

This routine is available for Jira server and cloud deployment options.


addWorklogReduceEstimateBy(issue, user, interval, startDate, comment, reduceBY)


Adds worklog and the remaining time will be reduced by the value of reduceBY, but never below 0.


issueStringYesKey of the selected issue.

User name of the selected user.

intervalIntervalYesInterval of time worked.
startDateDateYesStart working date.
commentStringYesComment that will be posted on the worklog.
reduceBYIntervalYesInterval to reduce Remaining by.

Return type



addWorklogReduceEstimateBy(key, currentUser(), "2h", currentDate(), "test worklog", "4h");

Adds an worklog of 2 hours for the current user on the current issue, reducing the remaining time by 4 hours.

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