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This routine is available starting with SIL Engine™ 2.5.19 / 2.6.11.


admCreateCustomField(fieldName, description, fieldType, fieldSearcher, projects, issueTypes)


Creates a new custom field, offering support also for setting its context and searcher.


Parameter name




fieldNamestringyesCustom field name.
descriptionstringyesCustom field description (can be blank).
fieldTypestringyesCustom field type (either key or name).
fieldSearcherstringyesCustom field searcher (either key or name). If blank, the default custom field searcher for the given type will be considered.
projectsstring[]yesProjects context (project keys). If empty, global issue context will be considered.
issueTypesstring[]yesIssue types context (either names or ids). If empty, all issue types will be considered.

Return type


Returns the string id (customfield_xxxxx) of the newly created custom field.


Example 1

Creating a single line text field with default searcher (Free Text Searcher) and global context:

admCreateCustomField("Test Field", "test description", "Text Field (single line)", "", {}, {});

Example 2

Creating a multi-line text field with blank description, specified searcher name (Free Text Searcher) and specified project and issue types context:

admCreateCustomField("Test Field", "", "Text Field (multi-line)", "Free Text Searcher", {"DEMO", "TEST"}, {"Bug", "Improvement"});

Example 3

Creating a date picker field with blank description, specified searcher key, and specified issue types ids context:

admCreateCustomField("Test Field", "", "Date Picker", "com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.customfieldtypes:daterange", {}, {1, 2, 3});

If the provided custom field searcher key or name is wrong, it will be ignored and the custom field will be created with no searcher configured.

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