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This routine is available starting with SIL Engine™ 4.6.3.


admGetCustomFieldOptions(fieldName, projectKeys, issueTypes)


Retrieves the option list of a custom field for the specified context (projects and issue types).

All parameters are required, but if the project keys and issue types arrays are empty, the global context is going to be used.

Each option will reside on a separate line. In case of cascade selects, the child options will be prefixed with a space character.

The new line separator is system dependent (where the system can be Windows, Mac or Linux. The line separator can be either '\n', '\r' or '\r\n'.
This routine only handles custom fields of the following types: single select, multi select, radio buttons, checkboxes and cascading selects.


Parameter name




fieldNamestringYesName of custom field.
projectKeysstring arrayYes (can be empty)Project keys.
issueTypesstring arrayYes (can be empty)Issue types.

Return type


Returns a string representing the options of the specified custom field.


Example 1

admGetCustomFieldOptions("CF_CASCADE", {}, {});

Get the options of the "CF_CASCADE" custom field, using the global context.

Possible result as a string:

Parent option 1
 Child option 1
 Child option 2
Parent option 2
 Child option 1
 Child option 2

Example 2

admGetCustomFieldOptions("CF_SELECT", {"PRJ1", "PRJ2"}, {"Bug", "Task"});

Get the options of the "CF_SELECT" custom field, using the context for projects "PRJ1" and "PRJ2" and issue types "Bug" and "Task".

Possible result as a string:

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

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