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This routine is available starting with SIL Engine™ 2.5.8.


admSetProjectWorkflowScheme(pkey, schemeName)


Updates the project workflow scheme.

Both the scheme and the project must exist.


Parameter name




 pkeystringyesProject key. Must exist.
schemeNamestringyesScheme name. The scheme must exist.

Return type


Returns 'true' if the project was updated and 'false' if not.

Updating the project workflow scheme happens smoothly only if the statuses in the destination scheme match the ones in the source scheme in both their name and step id. Otherwise, the workflow scheme update might cause some failures in issue transitioning. To avoid having these, it is mandatory to perform a Workflow Integrity Check and fix the errors for the workflow current step entries of the project.


When using an empty or null scheme name, the routine will set the default workflow scheme on the specified project.

In other words the code will look like this:

string pkey = "TEST"; 
string schemeName; 
return admSetProjectWorkflowScheme(pkey, schemeName);

It equivalents to the following code:

string pkey = "TEST"; 
string schemeName = ""; 
return admSetProjectWorkflowScheme(pkey, schemeName);

It will return 'true' and will set the default Jira workflow scheme (Default Workflow Scheme).

Otherwise, when using a nonexistent workflow scheme name, the routine will return 'false' and will not make any change.

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