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This routine is available starting with katl-commons 2.5.

This routine is available for Jira server and cloud deployment options.

Syntax for the server version:


Syntax for the cloud version:

getWorklogUpdatedDate(issue, worklog)


Returns the last date when the worklog was updated.

Parameters for the server version

worklogNumberYesId of the selected worklog.

Parameters for the cloud version:

issueStringYesThe issue key
worklogNumberYesId of the selected worklog.

Return type


Example 1  (server only)


Prints the last date when the worklog with id = 11201 was updated.

Example 2 (server only)

for(number id in getWorklogIds("admin",key)){

Prints the last date when the admin's worklogs of the current issue were updated.

Example 3 (cloud only)

print(getWorklogUpdatedDate(key, 11201))

Prints the updated date of the worklog with id = 11201, on the current issue.

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