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This routine is available starting with katl-commons 2.5.13 / 2.6.5. Updated in - added two new fields oldValueString and newValueString in the result.

This routine is available for Jira server and cloud deployment options.




Returns the last change details (user | date | field | oldValue | newValue | oldValueString | newValueString) from the selected issue's history.


Parameter name




issue key



Key of the selected issue.

Return type

string []

The return value is an array of strings, containing the following values in the specified order: the user who made the change, the date, the name of the field that has been modified, the old field value and the new field value.


string[] lastChange = lastFieldHistory(key);
string ret = "Issue " + key + " was last changed on " + lastChange[1] + " by " + userFullName(lastChange[0]);
ret += ": Field " + lastChange[2] + " from >>" + lastChange[3] + "<< to >>" + lastChange[4] + "<<";
return ret;

Result: Issue DEMO-5 was last changed on 2013-08-20 16:47:57 by Admin User: Field assignee from >>Admin User<< to >>Test User<<

Example (4.0.0)

At version 4.0.0 a structure has been introduced to represent the field history: JFieldChange. Backward compatibility is preserved:

JFieldChange last = lastFieldHistory("TEST-10");
runnerLog("LFH:" + last.user + " Field:" + last.field + " Val:" + last.oldVal + " -> " + last.newVal);

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