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Power Scripts™ for Jira (server)

Level: BASIC


Latest versions of Jira (the latest version, at the time of writing this article is 6.1.x) has removed the capability to configure inline edits. It seems that some users are missing it badly, so here's a little Live Fields configuration to put back the original behaviour.

This solution does not fit perfectly, since some fields are greyed-out, but IMHO is acceptable.


To disable the inline edit, here's the little Power Scripts™ for Jira Live Fields script:

// Standard fields
string[] fields = 
//add here any other CF's you may want
fields += "customfield_10100";
//Only for view
if(argv["screen"] == "view") {
    for(string f in fields) {

That's all.

The result is the following:

Of course, you can specify groups of users to be applied over, you only need to adapt it to your purpose.

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