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  • "I'd like to easily see the last person to interact with an issue, in any way, on an issue's page"
  • "I'd like to create a filter or dashboard gadget based on the user who last interacted with an issue"

We'll show you how to do all of this using Power Scripts™ for Jira; a powerful scripting tool to help automate your Jira.

What These Scripts Do

This is another simple one-scripter. The script runs whenever a specified system event occurs and sets the "Last Modified By" user picker custom field to the user who invoked the event.


  1. You have Jira Core or Jira Software installed
  2. You have Power Scripts™ for Jira installed
  3. You have mapped the Last Modified By user picker custom field to its customfield ID in the "sil.aliases" file.

The Script

/* This script will run on any issue interaction that causes a modification
to the issue and set the Last Modified By field to the user who invoked
the  modification.

It assumes you have a single user picker custom field available called
"Last Modified By" and that it is mapped to a custom field ID in sil.aliases.


Configure Event Listeners

In this case, you will want to execute this script when any of the following events occur:

  • Generic Event
  • Issue Assigned
  • Issue Closed
  • Issue Comment Deleted
  • Issue Comment Edited
  • Issue Commented
  • Issue Created
  • Issue Moved
  • Issue Reopened
  • Issue Resolved
  • Issue Updated
  • Issue Worklog Deleted
  • Issue Worklog Updated
  • Work Logged On Issue
  • Work Started On Issue
  • Work Stopped On Issue

You may also want to run this script asynchronously because you don't necessarily care if the value gets set immediately and you can save some load on Jira application performance.

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