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SIL Scheduler Page

You can access the SIL Scheduler page from Administration > SIL Scheduler.

Scheduler page columns

ScriptFull path to the script and the arguments if they exist
ScheduleEither the interval on which the script should run or the CRON expression interpreted
Next RunDate and time of the next run
Runs asUser to impersonate when running the script
OperationsPossible operations to do with a scheduler (delete, in our case)



SIL™ Scheduler

The SIL SIL™ Scheduler feature enables you to run SIL SIL™ scripts after a valid Jira interval or using a CRON expression.

Starting with version 4.0.0 of Power ScriptsScripts™, the jobs are persistent that is they are kept alive towards Jira restarts. You can read about scheduling jobs here: Scheduling routines. This mechanism uses the same scheduling engine, thus the same notes apply.



To edit the actual scripts, please use the SIL™ Manager.

After saving the added job, a new entry is added to the table on the Administration page.



We have removed standard services from Power Scripts Scripts™ for Jira 4v4.0 - all your scripts will be migrated to the scheduler, since because it provides a more flexible mechanism. 

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