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Cprime Apps has been rebranded as Anova Apps. Please note the only effect is the company name - all of our products’ names, logos, functionalities, support, etc. is exactly the same. The new location to our documentation space is


Installing directly from the Atlassian Marketplace

If you are connected to the Atlassian Marketplace website from your Confluence administration console, you can install our apps directly from the Marketplace. For more information, see Installing add-ons and Universal Plugin Manager pages.

  1. Log into your Confluence as Admin.
  2. In the cog wheel menu, go to Add-ons.
  3. In the search field of the Find new add-ons section, search for "Power Scripts™ for Confluence".

For more information, see Atlassian documentation on installing apps.
This installation method is the quickest way. You can also install by file upload, as described in the next section.

Installing by file upload

  1. Download the Power Scripts™ for Confluence file from the Atlassian Marketplace.
  2. Log into your Confluence as Admin.
  3. Go to Administration > Add-ons > Manage add-ons.
  4. Click Upload add-on, select the file you downloaded, and click Upload.
  5. (Optional, but highly recommended) Enable logging on our modules. 
    To do that, 
    1. Open the Jira log4j configuration file: JIRA_INSTALL_DIR/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/ with a text editor of your choice and add the following lines at the end of it., filelog
    2. Restart Cofluence.

Installation Notes

Power Scripts™ for Confluence packages together the following Jira apps:

  1. SIL Engine™ — library with utility routines and the SIL™ language parser
  2. Power Scripts™ for Confluence app — contains the necessary functionality

SIL Engine™ is shared across our Power Portfolio products. If you disable or uninstall it, the functionality built on top of it will stop working. SIL Engine™ is also published on the Atlassian Marketplace, and we recommend that you install updates compatible for this app as soon as they appear.

What should I do if I installed an incompatible version?

  1. Uninstall Power Scripts™ for Confluence
  2. Uninstall SIL Engine™.
  3. Install the version of Power Scripts™ for Confluence that is compatible with your Confluence version. Ensure that you use the OBR file you downloaded or use the UPM search directly and install the app (recommended).
  4. SIL Engine™ should now have the right version as well.

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