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Power Custom Fields PRO® will be archived December 1, 2019. 

We're removing Power Custom Fields PRO® from the market to focus resources on the combined app, Power Custom Fields® which has all the features of PRO® and more.

Once purchased, updating a license is a matter of deleting the old license key and pasting in the new one. You shouldn't have any problems, but in case you do please contact our Service Desk

Here are 4 recommendations to smoothly switch to Power Custom Fields®:

  1. We suggest installing Power Custom Fields® on your test instance before installing it in your Production Jira. If you need any assistance, please contact our Service Desk before deploying to Production. Once you have installed Power Custom Fields®, all custom fields defined by Power Custom Fields PRO® will be migrated automatically along with their configuration. 

  2. Both apps will continue to function in parallel, however after installing Power Custom Fields®, uninstall the Power Custom Fields PRO® at your earliest convenience because the migration task happens only once. 

  3. After installing Power Custom Fields® do NOT create more custom fields via Power Custom Fields PRO®. You have all functionality in the Power Custom Fields® edition. 

  4. After installing Power Custom Fields® and uninstalling Power Custom Fields PRO®, restart Jira and perform a Jira re-index.

Thank you for using Power Custom Fields PRO®, and we look forward to continuing our services with you. 

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